Cutting technique

felicita's cutting has a wealth of cutting knowledge that can be tailored to each customer's concerns and hair quality.
I think that there are various problems such as hair bouncing only on the left, easy to dry, a dryer is used but it does not work ...
In such a case, please leave it to our stylist. We will solve your worries with reliable technology.
Please contact us when you visit us.
We will provide counseling and propose the optimal style.
Cutting technique

Matching technique

At felicita, we value the matching of each and every customer.
You have a hairstyle that you want to do, and you showed the hair catalog, but the finish is different from the image and you do not want to go outside. Have you ever experienced such a thing?
We provide haute couture cuts that identify the shape and habits of your head and face.
Please feel free to contact us if you have troubles such as using a trowel but it is difficult to wind or your face looks big.
I'll definitely make it clean.
Matching technique

All enrolled staff
Experience in media publishing

The staff of felicita are all talented people who have experience in fashion magazines such as "Kobe Collection" and hair magazines "ar" and "Kajikaji" for hairdressers.
We have experience of professional model and celebrity hair and make-up, so be sure to find out what you want to be.
All stylists confidently declare that they have the best regional skills in their respective fields.
Want to clean your hair with felicita? ?
Our staff list
All of the staff members on the media have experience in media

Together with your child
Parent-child pair cut

felicita is a friend of parents who are busy raising children every day.
I think there are many people who are worried whether to bring their children to the beauty salon.
We offer special coupons only for children and their children.
Moreover, it can be used any number of times. Recommended for busy moms and dads.
We look forward to welcoming you with your child.Click here for advantageous coupons
Parent-child pair cut

Perm and student-only cut
I have a color coupon

felicita is popular with housewives and office workers,
Of course, it is also recommended for students.
"I want to try color, but I'm worried about the price." "I'm worried whether it will hurt."
With felicita, you don't have to worry about that.
We are trying to provide good drugs at reasonable prices, so please feel free to try it.
Click here for advantageous coupons
Student-only coupon